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Log Stove Installations

We now provide wood stove installation services for the Cambridgeshire area and beyond. With a history of maintaining chimneys and historical brickwork this is a natural fit for us. We also now sell Henley, Saltfire, Ekol, and Peanut stoves at our showroom in March.

As we are HETAS registered installers we can self-certificate eliminating the need to pay for Building Control to inspect the installation and sign it off.

Please call or email for a free consultation.


Cambridge Chimney Repairs
Masonry Repairs

Winter frost damage is a major cause of brick spalling, where the face falls off of the brick. We can remove them and then supply and fit either a matched reclaim or a new modern matching brick to restore things as they should be.

We also do crack stitching with Helibars and we do flaunching and fillet repairs on chimneys. In fact we often rebuild chimneys and fit pots and cowls.

High Access Maintenance

We have access equipment that makes light work of hard to reach high access maintenance issues. We have our own scaffold tower, chimney scaffold and a cherry picker that enables us to reach those awkward places.

Whether the job involves chimney, roof or gutter work we can handle it. This service is open to domestic and commercial customers and, unlike some other companies who only hire out the access equipment, we can provide the access and do the work required. 

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