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Pinnacle Chimney Services

At Pinnacle we have many years experience working with chimneys. We can rebuild them and repair them, we have seen them in every conceivable condition. One inspection by us will be enough for us to quickly diagnose exactly what your chimney needs.

Common problems and maintenance issues with chimneys can be rectified with the following varied works; flaunching repairs, lead flashing repairs, spalled brick removal & replacement with matched reclaims, corbelled course rebuild, total rebuild, pointing in lime or cement, fillet repairs, pot & cowl replacement, flue capping, flue venting, chimney removal and roof over.

We can provide access to your chimney via our own tower scaffolding, our professional scaffold contractor or by cherry picker.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Chimney Rebuilding
Lead Flashing
Chimney Flaunching
Chimney Repointing
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