Log Burning Stove Installations

We are HETAS registered wood burning stove installers and we are now also suppliers of Saltfire, Ekol, Apple Pie, Peanut and Henley stoves. We have some examples of these in our new showroom in March Cambridgeshire. We are also due to be suppliers of the popular British made Clock Stoves in 2023.


We do not only install our own though, we will of course also install stoves that our customers have bought independently and supply all the flues, attachments and fittings for whatever stove is chosen.

For a free consultation on your stove installation requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Business Registration Number: 7949. Installer Registration Number: 26063.

VAT Registration Number: 416 1889 82.

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Warboys Install! (Dec 2019)

Recently installed a Woodford 5 Widescreen. This install had a direct air kit fitted to the rear of the stove. This was because the house was only five years old and all homes built after 2008 are sealed too well to allow enough oxygen to feed these appliances sufficiently.


Parkray Aspect 4 Compact installed in March, Cambridgeshire.  Liner fitted was a Midflex 904L steel - Midtherm Flue Systems Ltd.





Go Eco Wide Plus Highline Installed in March, Cambridgeshire. Liner was a 904/316 Trade Flue Prices.

Acorn Aarrow 5kW Installed in Hilton, Cambridgeshire.


Stove Showroom in March, Cambridgeshire. By Appointment only!